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Where to Buy a Rotary Screw Compressor

Today’s options for a rotary screw compressor are impressive. If you are buying from the right manufacturer, you can count on finding a wide range of solutions to fit just about any need.

Tips for Buying a Piston Compressor

A piston compressor is a common style of compressor used in a variety of industrial scenarios. When this compressor needs to be replaced, be sure to pay close attention to the many options available to you.

Solutions for Modern Screw Air Compressor Buys

As a common upgrade to an existing model, a screw air compressor is a smart option for improving your system’s performance, reliability, and energy costs when compared to your current air compressor set up.

Advancing Your Reciprocating Air Compressor

It is time to find a better solution for your current compressor. You need a new reciprocating air compressor. There are a variety of options on the market. You may be tempted to just replace what you are using right now with the same thing.

Reciprocating Air Compressor Application and Options

The reciprocating air compressor operates under the principle of positive displacement – it increases air pressure by reducing volume. These devices receive successive volumes of air confined in a closed space and significantly increase the pressure of this air.

BOGE Booster Piston Compressors and Piston Compressor Options

The piston compressor is one of the most common and oldest types of industrial compressors in use. Through the principle of displacement, this device elevates the pressure of an enclosed volume of air or gas.

What is a Rotary Screw Compressor?

A longtime staple in many manufacturing processes, the rotary screw compressor is a true workhorse that makes many amazing feats of modern technology possible.

Screw Compressor

BOGE S-4 OPTIMUS: The Future of the Screw Compressor

At BOGE, we specialize in the development of compressor technology that relies on innovation and creativity at all stages of the design and manufacturing process.


BOGE blueprotect offers protection for the harvest

Even in ancient times, people safeguarded their foodstuffs in air-tight sealed containers to protect them from pests.

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