Features and Benefits of Piston Air Compressors

If you’ve ever filled a tire, or operated a nail gun, there is a good chance you’ve come in contact with a piston air compressor. As suggested by the name, piston air compressors operate with the use of a piston, which is moved up and down by a crank, compressing air in the process. Piston compressors, which come in both oil-lubricated and oil-free varieties, are probably the most common type of air compressor, and for good reason. They come with a lot of great features and benefits, which we will explore in more detail in the rest of this article.

Oil-Lubricated and Oil-Free Options

One nice thing about piston air compressors is that you can choose between an oil-free model or an oil-lubricated model. Oilless compressors are coated in friction reducing chemicals that allow the machine to self-lubricate. Their counterparts use oil to lubricate their moving parts. Each of these models has its advantages. For example, oil-free compressors are generally cleaner, quieter, and more portable, while oil-lubricated models are more powerful and better at withstanding hot climates. If you’re considering purchasing a piston compressor, think carefully about what features will be most useful to you before deciding between your oil and oil-free options.

Simple maintenance

Like any machine, if you use it often enough, a piston air compressor is bound to sustain some wear and tear. Because it has so many moving parts, it may require maintenance more frequently than some other air compressor types, like the rotary. However, the simple nature of the piston compressor’s mechanics means that when something does need to be repaired, it’s usually a pretty easy fix.

Long service life

If you’re looking for a reliable, long lasting machine, a piston compressor may be the thing for you. While the longevity of any air compressor will vary based on brand, upkeep, and frequency of use, a piston air compressor can easily last from 10 to 15 years. It’s an investment. If you buy a high quality piston compressor, and take good care of it, you can expect it to have a nice, long service life.

Excellent value

When it comes to value, piston air compressors can’t be beat. A piston compressor will provide you with the power you need at a price you can afford. While some other types of compressors may be a bit over budget if you’re buying for home use instead of industry use, piston compressors can be purchased without emptying your pocket book.

If you’re searching for an air compressor that is easy to maintain and has a long service life, or simply want an option that is affordable, a piston air compressor may be the right choice for you. For more information on this topic, call us at 770-874-1570 or send an email to usa@boge.com.