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    Keltenhof Frischeprodukte GmbH


    Compressed air system (oil-free, class 0) and nitrogen generation


Lettuce producer Keltenhof relies on a compressed air formula with sophisticated efficiency enhancers.

The Challenge
To provide a highly efficient compressed air system that guarantees the supply of absolutely oil-free compressed air and nitrogen (with a purity level of 99.0%) throughout the entire production process.

The BOGE Solution
A frequency-controlled SLF 40-3 bluekat screw compressor supplies Class 0, 100% oil-free compressed air, even when the intake air is contaminated with oil. As an additional measure, an F 65 microfilter ensures that the compressed air is absolutely free of particles. The complete system solution provided by BOGE also includes a BOGE DUOTHERM heat recovery system and an N2 generator with down-stream receiver (160 l), which saves costs by producing nitrogen of the highest quality in-house.

The Result
The BOGE compressed air system meets the highest quality requirements reliably and effortlessly.


    Keltenhof Frischprodukte GmbH produces superior salad greens, edible flowers and exceptional herbs, and supplies more than 80 different types of fresh produce every day. The company grows most of the ingredients itself, either in the open or in greenhouses.

    In the production process, compressed air plays adecisive role in cleaning and sorting. Bubbling water basins are controlled with jets of compressed air and during sorting and quality control, imperfect leaves are blown individually from the conveyor. Since the compressed air comes into contact with the end product, it was clear during the design phase that only a 100% oil-free compressed air system could be considered. When searching for a suitable supplier, Alexander Maier, Plant Manager at Keltenhof, soon found the ideal partner. “We opted for BOGE, because only BOGE, with its bluekat system, was able to guarantee absolutely oil-free air.”

    BOGE was able to do even more than this, however. 100% of the excess energy from the compressed air generation process is now recovered by the BOGE DUOTHERM heat recovery system and made available for use. Today, this recovered energy is used to heat administration rooms and results in considerable cost savings.

    Further significant improvements in efficiency were achieved by introducing the in-house production of nitrogen. “BOGE was the first to point out that with just a small extension to the system we could also produce our own nitrogen.” Alexander Maier is delighted with the savings, amounting to more than 18,000 euros per year, and with the highly efficient compressed air “formula” à la BOGE.


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