Maintenance and Warranty Packages

Outsourcing the regular inspection and maintenance of your compressed air system gives you the opportunity to focus on your core business activities. Because we know how important this is, BOGE offers specially-developed service packages to cater to your specific requirements. A basic rule for the commissioning of maintenance work by BOGE technical employees is as follows: The more comprehensive the service agreement, the better your levels of security and the less you’ll have to deal with as a system operator. There are a variety of service packages to choose from.

BOGE selectcair

BOGE High Speed Turbo marks a fundamental change, and this is not without consequences for the Aftermarket programme. With BOGE selectcair HST users can call on a comprehensive network of services that aims for continuous improvement.

BOGE selectcair offers the three programme options BASIC, ORIGINAL and PREMIUM. This allows all HST users to select the services that are perfectly tailored to their individual needs.

BOGE America Warranty Policy

  • Standard Machine Warranty
  • 2 Year Extended Machine Warranty
  • 5 Year Extended Machine Warranty
  • Parts Warranty
  • Standard Equipment Warranty
  • etc.

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