Planning/Diagnostic Tools

Our planning and diagnostic tools, BOGE AIR AUDITS and BOGE AIReport, enable you to identify weak points and optimise the efficiency of your compressed air system. AIR AUDITS provide individual and combined analyses of your system, while AIReport determines the efficiency of your compressed air system by comparing energy consumption with output.

AIR AUDITS: system analysis for higher efficiency

BOGE’s internally developed system analyses, or AIR AUDITS, enable high savings to be made with modest expenditure on optimisation.

Depending on the problem area, our efficiency developers carry out individual or combined analyses of your system. These analyses look at rates of consumption, dew point monitoring, vibration monitoring, leakage measurements, noise measurements and oil and TAN checks.

BOGE AIReport: comparison of energy consumption with output

BOGE AIReport is a check-up system for identifying weaknesses over long periods of observation. It does this by comparing the amount of energy used with actual output and demand.

A disproportionate ratio can indicate poor tuning of compressed air system components, pressure losses through leakages, a pressure drop between producer and consumer or a disproportionate maximum pressure. Use this holistic analysis of consumption to inform the targeted optimisation of your compressed air system – and to make considerable savings on energy and cash.


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