BOGE, compressed air specialist: 111 years of intelligent engineering and innovation

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Company anniversary

111 Jahre BOGE

Unique products, unique employees, a unique company: proud Bogians at the headquarters of BOGE in Bielefeld.


Vision becomes a reality and a revolutionary idea becomes a groundbreaking practice: The compressed air specialist BOGE has become 111 years old on 7 November. The family-run company is to celebrate this in the next few months along with proud employees of BOGE, those who have accompanied them throughout the years and trusted clients. But what is it exactly that makes the compressed air expert unique as a company? Why are BOGE’s products and services so special? And how do people become true BOGE employees within the company? BOGE wants to use a variety of opportunities in the coming year to present itself as the innovation-driven pioneer it is, always was, and wishes to remain. However, one thing is clear: at 111 years of age, BOGE is as fresh and young as ever.


One element has stayed exactly the same at BOGE over these 111 years – that is to say, that everything has always changed. Proven concepts are questioned time and again, their own principles are put to the test, and established patterns are broken down. Unrealistic, too daring, completely crazy? At BOGE there is no reason not to give a visionary idea a chance. For this is the very process that gives rise to the revolutionary concepts and groundbreaking technologies for which BOGE is known. “BOGE has continuously reinvented itself. We have always engaged fearlessly with the new, and have therefore constantly been a step ahead of our time”, this is how BOGE CEO Wolf D. Meier-Scheuven sums up the 111-year company history. The great grandson of the company founder Otto Boge is the fourth generation to manage the family-run company.


BOGE – 111-year start-up mindset

The first compressors were developed by the pioneering company based in Bielefeld almost 20 years after the company was founded in 1907. Compressed air systems from BOGE are used all over the world today – thanks to intelligent engineering, innovation management and quality; custom-made in Germany. With a contingent of almost five per cent, BOGE invests twice as much in research and development as the average mechanical engineering company. It is hardly surprising that more than half of all BOGE projects are not yet five years old. Across its 111-year company history, BOGE has always maintained a start-up mindset.


This is something to be proud of: 880 BOGE employees stand together behind revolutionary developments such as high speed turbo technology and low pressure turbo compressors, and forward-looking services such as predictivecair and the continuous improvement programme. This makes us grateful – for 111 years of intensive interchange and the confidence of our clients. This is why BOGE is delighted to be 111. An anniversary in a year of many high points – including the Hanover trade fair in April 2019.



About BOGE

As one of Germany’s oldest manufacturers of compressors and compressed air systems, BOGE KOMPRESSOREN Otto Boge GmbH & Co. KG offers more than 110 years’ experience. The company is also one of the market leaders. Whether it is high speed turbo compressors, screw compressors, piston compressors, scroll compressors, complete systems or individual devices, BOGE meets the most diverse requirements and highest standards, with precision and quality always at the forefront. The family company which operates internationally has a workforce of 850 employees, approximately 490 of whom work at the headquarters in Bielefeld, and is managed by Wolf D. Meier-Scheuven and Thorsten Meier. With numerous sales offices and subsidiaries, BOGE offers its international customers a comprehensive service. The company supplies its products and systems in more than 120 countries worldwide.


Company contact

Ina Rockmann • BOGE KOMPRESSOREN Otto Boge GmbH & Co. KG

Otto-Boge-Strasse 1–7 • 33739 Bielefeld

Tel.: +49 (0)5206 601-5830

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