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Thursday, January 24, 2019

BOGE at the 2019 Hanover trade fair

BOGE S-4 anniversary edition

At the Hannover Messe 2019 BOGE presents an anniversary edition of its screw compressor series S-4.


For 111 years, BOGE has stood for intelligent engineering, advanced solutions and convincing quality. At the 2019 Hanover trade fair, the compressed air expert is presenting an anniversary edition of its S-4 screw compressor range, fittingly with the machine identification S 111-4. This anniversary machine is available in proven BOGE quality and is convincing due to its maximum energy efficiency. Moreover, BOGE is introducing the next generation of compact C-2 screw compressors, thereby combining performance optimisations with an ergonomic concept that is easy to maintain. For plant construction, BOGE is showing its newly developed BOGE blueprotect system for environmentally-safe protection from pests in grain storage. Digitisation in accordance with Industry 4.0 consistently drives BOGE forward. A new higher-level control offers unlimited options and continues the theme with BOGE analytics and BOGE connect.


Advances in knowledge and technology – over four generations. For 111 years, BOGE has relied on intelligent engineering, innovation management and quality, custom-made in Germany. The family-run company based in Bielefeld develops revolutionary concepts and technology, which are always focused on maximum energy efficiency, ease of maintenance and flexibility, to optimally meet customer requirements. BOGE will show the results in April at stand B56 in hall 26 at the Hanover trade fair. “To fit in with our company anniversary, we are presenting a limited edition of our S 111-4 screw compressor from our popular S series”, explains BOGE CEO Thorsten Meier. “As usual, this is well thought out in every detail, and since it is an anniversary machine it has been given special features.”


The C-2 screw compressor stands for engineering based on customer requirements. It is suitable for both receiver and floor installation, and is easy to maintain as well as having sound reduction. Different performance optimisations ensure maximum efficiency. Low energy requirement due to a higher degree of efficiency – this characteristic also marks the BOGE LPT 150 turbo compressor. The oil-free compression principle is based on an air-guided drive shaft combined with a permanent magnet motor. Low-maintenance and low-wear, BOGE turbo technology marks a significant advance in the low pressure field.


Individual customer solutions and consistent digitisation

Unique customised solutions tailored to the requirements of each customer – BOGE has developed its blueprotect container solution for silo operators on this basis. Nitrogen from the ambient air displaces the oxygen in the silo and thereby deprives pests and mould of their means of survival. The stored grain is protected without harming the environment and with no chemical agents. However, it is not only in the technical sector that customers and partners benefit from the continuous further developments of the innovation-driven company. For example, in 2009, BOGE airstatus remote monitoring revolutionised communication between humans and machines. Users have had worldwide access to their compressed air system since then. BOGE has considerably extended this system and will make it available in larger systems as standard in the future under the name BOGE connect. With airtelligence provis 2.0, BOGE already has one of the most innovative controls on the market. This has been further enhanced with important features. The evolved airtelligence provis 3 processes an unlimited number of machines and components, it has integrated BOGE analytics, and it offers an open data format with OPC UA. Summary: A customer-orientated convenient and intelligent solution, which optimally meets the high demands in this era of Industry 4.0.


Industry visitors to the BOGE stand B56 in hall 26 at the Hanover trade fair from 1 to 5 April will receive information on the current trends in technology and support. The compressed air specialist is starting a special sales promotion on selected machines, with favourable conditions for interested dealers and end customers.


The compact screw compressor C-2 is suitable for container as well as floor mounting, maintenance-friendly and sound-reduced.


In plant construction, BOGE is showing its newly developed BOGE blueprotect system for environmentally friendly protection against pests in grain storage.



About BOGE

As one of Germany’s oldest manufacturers of compressors and compressed air systems, BOGE KOMPRESSOREN Otto Boge GmbH & Co. KG offers 111 years’ experience. The company is also one of the market leaders. Whether for High Speed Turbo compressors, screw compressors, piston compressors, scroll compressors, complete systems or individual devices, BOGE meets the most diverse requirements and highest standards, with precision and quality always at the forefront. The family company which operates internationally has a workforce of 850 employees, approximately 490 of whom work at the headquarters in Bielefeld, and is managed by Wolf D. Meier-Scheuven. With its numerous sales offices and subsidiaries, BOGE offers its international customers comprehensive services and supplies its products and systems to more than 120 countries worldwide.


Company contact

Ina Rockmann • BOGE KOMPRESSOREN Otto Boge GmbH & Co. KG

Otto-Boge-Straße 1–7 • 33739 Bielefeld

Phone: +49 05206 601-5830



Press release: BOGE at the 2019 Hanover trade fair

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