Compressed air innovations in practice

Thursday, April 19, 2018

At the 2018 Hanover trade fair, BOGE is presenting its concepts for pioneering compressed air solutions twice

Software developed jointly for the BOGE HST by BOGE and Weidmüller reports anomalies in the running behaviour and predicts technical changes before they occur. (Source: Weidmüller)



The international compressed air expert from Bielefeld is represented at the communal stand of the regional it’s OWL (Ostwestfalen-Lippe) leading-edge cluster, and at the company stand of the cluster partner Weidmüller. The BOGE analytics service solution and the associated BOGE CIP continuous improvement programme can be seen in practice. Thanks to live application, visitors to the trade fair will find out clearly how BOGE is setting new standards in energy efficiency with its compressed air solutions.


With the continuous improvement programme, BOGE identifies energy-saving potential in compressed air generation thanks to ongoing data analysis. The compressed air specialist thereby continuously improves its equipment specifically according to customer requirements, and the compressed air system becomes increasingly more energy-efficient in use due to free hardware and software updates. BOGE is presenting this revolutionary service solution at the communal stand of it’s OWL (hall 16, stand A04).


Precise forecasting in real time at the trade fair stand

BOGE CIP is part of the BOGE Analytics service option. The way it works can be viewed at the Weidmüller trade fair stand (hall 11, stand B58). BOGE is working successfully on a predictive maintenance project with the provider of industrial connectivity solutions. Software developed jointly for the BOGE HST high speed turbo compressor forecasts technical changes even before they occur, based on a complex data model – so that users can intervene in the process in a targeted way. The self-learning system becomes even more precise over time. Weidmüller is showing the BOGE HST 220 in live operation at the Hanover trade fair. If individual parameters are changed on the compressor, the software recognises and reports this as an anomaly in the running behaviour straight away. For example, this occurs at the trade fair stand if visitors manipulate the cooling system of the compressor for demonstration purposes to simulate motor problems. Whereupon the data produced are issued by the live application in real time. The predictive maintenance software from Weidmüller complements the BOGE Analytics range. Like BOGE, Weidmüller is also part of the it’s OWL leading-edge cluster.


Under the name it’s OWL, more than 180 companies, universities, research institutions and organisations have combined to form a technology network in the Ostwestfalen-Lippe region. They bring together their strengths in the global competition to make the innovative leap from mechatronics to intelligent technical systems.


The compressed air specialist BOGE is represented at the communal stand of it’s OWL in hall 16 (stand A04) and at the Weidmüller company stand in hall 11 (stand B58) at the Hanover trade fair from 23 to 27 April



About BOGE

As one of Germany’s oldest manufacturers of compressors and compressed air systems, BOGE KOMPRESSOREN Otto Boge GmbH & Co. KG offers more than 100 years’ experience. The company is also one of the market leaders. Whether for High Speed Turbo compressors, screw compressors, piston compressors, scroll compressors, complete systems or individual devices, BOGE meets the most diverse requirements and highest standards, with precision and quality always at the forefront. The family company which operates internationally has a workforce of 850 employees, approximately 490 of whom work at the headquarters in Bielefeld, and is managed by Wolf D. Meier-Scheuven and Thorsten Meier. With its numerous sales offices and subsidiaries, BOGE offers its international customers comprehensive services and supplies its products and systems to more than 120 countries worldwide.


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Ina Rockmann • BOGE KOMPRESSOREN Otto Boge GmbH & Co. KG

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