Screw Compressor C…LDR series up to 20 hp fixed speed

The 20 HP Compressor Series requires little and gives a lot

      The integration of all essential components in the compact module serves to eliminate pipework and to reduce flow losses: for maximum operating dependability and efficiency!
      The BOGE C series is engineered to generate high free air deliveries in continuous operation and in a incomparably efficient manner. Due to its compact design space requirements are kept to a minimum: a surface of less than 1 square metre is sufficient.
      FOCUS control with LC display and pressure sensor technology is fitted standard and includes an integrated energy efficiency display as well as additional monitoring and control options.
      The frequency controlled option ensures a continuous volume flow between 25 and 100 percent. This ensures adaptation to the momentary demand of the compressed air system. Soft starting also avoids undue wear and tear and prolongs the service life.
    BOGE C 10 LDR

    In a class of its own: the compressors of the 20 HP C Series. The BOGE compact module is integrated, making long connections unnecessary. Integrated refrigerant dryers and compressed air receivers complete these screw compressors.


    Screw compressor with refrigerant dryer mounted on a compressed air receiver, direct coupled, oil lubricated


    • heat recovery can be integrated
    • compact design
    • refrigerant dryer included
    • directly coupled
    • with receiver
    • extremely quiet
  • BOGE Max. Pressure Effective Delivery Volume
    60 Hz
    Motor Power Dimensions
    W × D × H
    Type psig m3/min cfm hp inch lbs
    C 10 LDR N 150 1.030 37.0 10 79 x 34 x 60 1130
    C 15 LDR N 150 2.150 67.0 15 79 x 34 x 60 1218
    C 20 LDR N 150 2.170 77.0 20 79 x 34 x 60 1218