Screw Compressor C...L series up to 7.5 hp fixed speed

Quiet, compact and extremely powerful

      The compressor has the base control system with LC display and pressure transducer technology. FOCUS control is available as an option that offers additional monitoring and control features.
      Integration of all essential components eliminates almost all interconnecting pipes. Leakages are virtually eliminated. Internal pressure losses are minimised.
      Because of the sound adsorbing graphite casting the C series is very quiet in operation and vibration free. No further silencing is required. The canopy versions C series and C series with dryer are therefore super-silent with low sound pressure values.
      The BOGE airend design ensures industry leading specific power ratios (optimised output volumes at low energy consumption).

    Short connections and fewer pipes thanks to integrated design with the BOGE compact module – the C Series is space-saving, extremely efficient and reliable.


    Compact screw compressor, direct coupled, oil lubricated


    • compact design
    • directly coupled
    • extremely quiet
    • maximum efficiency
  • BOGE Max. Pressure Effective Delivery Volume
    60 Hz
    Motor Power Dimensions
    W × D × H
    Type psig m3/min cfm hp inch lbs
    C 4 L N 150 0.310 11.0 4 30 x 19 x 19 243
    C 5 L N 150 0.390 14.0 5.5 30 x 19 x 19 276
    C 7 L N 125 0.860 30.0 7.5 30 x 19 x 19 298