Piston Compressor K series up to 15 hp

This will come in handy: 100% pure compressed air up to 580 psig

      The K series does not use an oil-lubricated crosshead drive. It is therefore ideally suited to sensitive applications where absolutely oil free compressed air is paramount such as in the pharmaceutical and food industries.
      BOGE developed the K series oil-free piston compressor utilising state-of-the-art compressor technology. The cylinder is mounted horizontally, and a centrally located crankshaft operates a push rod principle, ensuring the piston remains parallel.
      As an oil-free compressor, the requirement for downstream air treatment is significantly reduced – if not eliminated with the K series. Therefore pressure losses experienced during the treatment process can be minimised or eradicated.
      Optional the K series is available with the BOGE BASIC or FOCUS with pressure sensor technology and additional control functions.
    Image Of BOGE Compressors K15 Product

    Piston compressors of the K Series work with an innovative, oil-free pushrod drive system in an all-new compact size for small requirements. They are ideal for sectors that rely on absolutely oil-free compressed air of up to 580 psig of maximum pressure and offer an unbeatable price-performance ratio.


    Oil free piston compressor, direct coupled, compressed air receiver


    • oil-free compressed air
    • directly coupled
    • with receiver
    • designed for 100% duty cycle
  • BOGE Max. Pressure Effective Delivery Volume*
    60 Hz
    Motor Power Dimensions
    W × D × H
    Type psig m3/min cfm hp inch lbs
    K 8 N 145 0.620 22.0 7.5 40 x 31 x 32 496
    K 8 N 580 0.335 12.0 7.5 40 x 31 x 32 496
    K 15 N 145 1.145 41.0 15 59 x 35 x 32 836
    K 15 N 220 0.785 28.0 15 59 x 35 x 32 836
    K 15 N 580 0.635 22.0 15 59 x 35 x 32 836

    * Effective free air delivery as per ISO 1217:2009 Appendix C, measured at 80% maximum pressure.