Remote Monitoring

BOGE airstatus revolutionises human-machine communication and helps to prepare your business for the age of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things. Our remote diagnostics tool is a guarantee of safety and transparency in all aspects of your compressed air supply. BOGE airstatus gives you worldwide access to up to 32 components in your compressed air system: Log into your secure account via our online portal and analyse data for your compressed air system in real time. BOGE airstatus is the next generation in condition monitoring.

Industry 4.0 – digitalised management of compressed air

Image Of BOGE Compressors Industry 4.0 Infographic

Through the connection of people, objects and systems, the rapidly advancing digitalisation of industry has created dynamic, real time-oriented and self-organising value creation networks.

As a pioneering figure in the age of Industry 4.0 and the industrial Internet of Things, BOGE has led the drive to develop innovative digital compressed air solutions. When it comes to condition monitoring, this doesn’t just mean the ever-present access to compressed air systems via a smartphone or tablet device, but also a digitalised coordination of the entire maintenance process.

BOGE airstatus – compressed air management via remote monitoring

Image Of BOGE Compressors Mobile App For AirStatus

By connecting your system to the Internet, BOGE airstatus gives you any-time access to your system via a single controller, enabling you to ensure a completely reliable and safe compressed air supply. You gain ongoing updates on temperature and pressure conditions, operating and idle time, maintenance statuses and more.

Our tool fulfils four essential compressed air management tasks:


  1. As a fault transmitter, it sends warning messages directly to your phone. According to your preference, these messages can be received via SMS, email or voicemail.
  2. Real-time data queries enable insight into the current functioning of your compressed air system from anywhere in the world
  3. As a secure data store, airstatus enables the in-depth analysis and ongoing optimisation of your compressed air system.
  4. Web visualisation of data makes the functioning of your system completely transparent. You gain a simple overview of your compressed air system.


All main airstatus functions can be controlled via your smartphone using the BOGE app. If so desired, BOGE can also take over the remote monitoring and maintenance of your system on your behalf.