3 Reasons To Choose A Screw Air Compressor

Making a solid investment in new equipment and systems is critical for any business. Industrial plants, manufacturing companies, processing plants, construction contractors, and other similar types of businesses requiring the use of compressed air, typically find a screw air compressor offers key advantages over other types of compressors.

With both the oil-free and the oil-injected options in a screw air compressor are extremely durable and efficient machines. They are able to generate a high airflow volume on an ongoing basis, and they are very low maintenance equipment choices, meaning limited unscheduled or scheduled downtime requirements.

Simple Design

The simple design of the screw air compressor means less wear and tear on parts and components, so a longer life cycle for the entire system. Of course, it is critical to choose a rotary air compressor from a top company, and BOGE offers a proven track record for dependability and performance of all of our compressor models.

Highly Efficient

Along with simplicity in design, we provide air compressors that operate at a higher efficiency than other models on the market. This translates into lower energy costs to operate the compressor, resulting in cost savings that allow for the system to pay for itself over time.

Maximum Air Capacity

Choosing one of the many models of rotary-screw compressors from BOGE means that the application has the volume and flow of air needed to power tools and equipment across the system.

For more information on the benefits of investing in our screw compressor models, contact us today.