BOGE Booster Piston Compressors and Piston Compressor Options

The piston compressor is one of the most common and oldest types of industrial compressors in use. Through the principle of displacement, this device elevates the pressure of an enclosed volume of air or gas. At BOGE, we specialize in the design and manufacture of booster compressor technology that involves innovation at all stages of the process.

BOGE SRHV Series Lubricated BOOSTER Piston Compressor

The BOGE SRHV Series Booster is the optimum solution for applications involving exceptionally high discharge pressures. It utilizes pre-treated, pre-compressed air from a low-pressure compressor or an existing compressed air network which is then compressed to a designated high discharge pressure up to 580 PSI – perfect for industrial applications such as laser cutting, bottle blowing and many more.

With the BOGE BOOSTER Piston Compressor, input and final pressures are easily adjusted, making it a universal compressor effective at meeting various pressure requirements.

BOGE K Series Oil-Free BOOSTER Piston Compressor

The BOGE K Series BOOSTER oil-free piston compressor is the perfect option for oil-free compressed air system requirements, in particular those involving high pressures that can reach up to 580 PSI. In this piston compressor unit, a state-of-the-art balanced pushrod system operates without oil while at the same time causing little wear and requiring only a small amount of maintenance. The BOGE K Series BOOSTER is the new option for oil-free compression applications with maximum pressure.

The BOGE K Series BOOSTER unit offers many benefits. From the very start, it compresses oil free air which eliminates the risk of lubricant being introduced into sensitive applications. The compressor also requires minimal maintenance, saving you on spare part and repair costs.

Piston Compressor compression principals

Piston compressors typically have a valve system with inlet and outlet valve discs or tongues that operate in the following manner. As the piston travels downward, drawing air into the cylinder, the larger steel inlet valve disc opens by moving downward, enabling the air to pass. As the piston moves upward, the inlet disc closes and seals upon the valve seat. The resulting compressed air is then pushed through the smaller exhaust valve which operates in the opposite manner of the inlet valve and air is transferred and compressed to the end process.

To learn more about the products and services we offer relative to booster piston compressors or other compressor technology, contact us today at BOGE.