Introducing C LDR air compressor

BOGE America was excited to feature the new product launch of the CLDR Series rotary screw tank mounted compressors recently at the International Woodworking Fair in Atlanta, Georgia. Our CLDR Series rotary screw tank mounted compressors offer BOGE America customers a true industrial alternative to commodity grade compressors designed for sale on the internet or through mass merchandisers.

We’ve designed our CLDR tank mounted compressor packages with direct drive technology using large oversize air-ends operating at low rotational speeds mounted on ASME/CRN rated air receivers with ball valve drains, 115V refrigerating air dryers with auto drains, 1.0 micron pre-filters with PSID indicators and auto drains along with tank leg mounting isolators all as standard.

CLDR compressors are truly designed for the toughest of duty cycles and include the high quality industrial grade features that BOGE America customers’ businesses demand to ensure reliable operation. Our all-in-one package design provides clean, dry compressed air in a very small footprint making it simple to install and maintain.

In addition to the many high quality design features, our CLDR compressor packages also offer an industry leading efficiency and energy savings advantage utilizing our large slow speed air-ends, TEFC IE3 premium efficiency motors, wye-delta starters and automatic sleep mode when there is no demand for air.

BOGE is a leading German compressor manufacturer based in Bielefeld, Germany and has earned a strong reputation for building premium quality compressors in support of a large global distribution network located in more than 120 countries. Through a long heritage of being family owned since our founding more than a century ago, BOGE continues to focus on meeting customer expectations by offering the very finest in compressed air equipment through design, production and rigorous final testing.

BOGE’s North American Headquarters is located in Powder Springs, GA., where we work with a distribution network throughout North, Central and South America of factory trained sales and service representatives who support our products.