BOGE S-4 OPTIMUS: The Future of the Screw Compressor

At BOGE, we specialize in the development of compressor technology that relies on innovation and creativity at all stages of the design and manufacturing process. Our S-4 OPTIMUS compressor design is a prime example. We are a system provider of high-quality compressed air solutions and our work reflects the belief that greater innovations are continually possible. To this end, we are currently testing compressor technologies that will lead the market in the future. Our team is currently focused on optimizing and developing the design of our successful and groundbreaking S-4 screw compressor. With this technology, we are pushing the limits of what screw compressors are known for: quiet operation, ease of maintenance, and cost efficiency.

Energy Efficiency and Easy Maintenance

In terms of ease of maintenance and energy efficiency, our S-4 series dominates the field. In addition, it operates at half the sound level as past models. We are propelled by the desire for innovation and continue to push the boundaries of compressor technology for the development of equipment that is in high demand.

Our continued fine-tuning of our oil lubricated screw compressor series is demonstrated in the S 76-4 LF OPTIMUS model. The industrial applications that can utilize this technology include metal processing, paint shops in the automotive industry, and the gas, oil, and chemical industries.

Leading Future Technology Innovation

At BOGE Air, our goal is to make the use and operation of our screw compressors more convenient for our customers. The S-4 OPTIMUS design study in part focuses on issues involving need-based use of resources and maximum operational reliability.

BOGE is currently testing how managing the quantity of oil injected could optimize efficiency in all applications and operating points. In addition, we are working to determine how to enhance machine connectivity through specific technologies such as Bluetooth or WLAN, for example, which may be implemented for integrated wireless control. This would allow the connection of additional accessory devices while reducing the amount of wiring required.

Contact us today at BOGE if you have any questions or want to learn more about how our innovative screw compressor technology can meet the needs of your application.